10 Ways Your Body Changes AFTER Pregnancy

Your body goes through tremendous changes when you get pregnant. But what about afterwards? I don’t
intend to scare you, but here are some of the typical postpartum changes that happen to your body.


Remember how thick and luscious your hair got during pregnancy? Well that is all about to fall out. Don’t be alarmed when clumps of hair start coming out a few weeks after delivery. All those raging hormones from pregnancy are gone and now your body has to compensate for it by losing the extra hair. You will not go bald though, I promise.

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20 Gender Prediction Tests to Try

Disclaimer! These
are wives’ tales.  They are merely for
fun. In reality, these predictions have a 50% chance of being right, so take it
for what it is. Regardless if being accurate or not, it is certainly
entertaining to see the results! 

So, are you having a boy or a girl?

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My POSITIVE IUD Experience

After my second child was born I
knew I didn’t want to have any more kids. 
Two was a perfect number for our family and my reproductive organs were
now closed for business.

During my post-birth doctor’s appointment my doctor recommended Mirena.  Everything my doctor said about it was positive.  Works for 5 years, maybe 7 years (still being tested if it can last that long), potentially NO MORE PERIODS and you don’t have to worry about taking any kind of pill every day. It all sounded great and I was on board.  I scheduled my IUD appointment and went home. 

Now maybe it is just my personality
but I love looking up how procedures are done and other people’s experiences so
I know exactly what is going to be done to me. 
This turned out to be a bad idea. 
I did this before I had a root canal too, which was another bad
idea.  When will I learn?

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My FIRST Vacation with 2 Toddlers (I Survived)

So let me tell you a story. 
We went on our first family of four overnight vacation.  The picture perfect image I had was what you
would see in a Hallmark movie.  Kids are
all having fun at the beach, everyone is smiling and laughing and my husband
and I are in bliss with each other and soaking in the precious memories. 

All I gotta say is…perfect bliss and harmony my a$$.

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9 Tips to Lose the Baby Weight After Pregnancy

Losing weight in general requires a lot of dedication and motivation.  Losing baby weight is a challenge all on its own. You have a baby relying on you 24/7, your body is recovering from birth, your boobs are sore and you are exhausted.  If you are like me then you have Pelvic Girdle Pain too, which I still have 6 months after giving birth. Yay me.

Both times after giving birth I left the hospital about 12
pounds lighter than when I checked in. 12 pounds in 3 days?  WOOHOO!
That instant weight loss was a huge confidence booster, but if you break it down
it makes sense how it happened so fast.   Math time!

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