55 Essential Baby Supplies

First time mom and not sure where to start with preparation? I gotcha covered! Here is a big ol’ list of baby supplies you will need for when your bundle of joy makes their grand entrance into the world. 

Bassinet – If you plan on co-sleeping, I would still strongly suggest you get a bassinet for nap times. They are not super comfortable or the baby, but it did the job well for the first couple months.   

Bassinet Sheets – Babies spit up a lot, so have at least 2 of these sheets on hand.

Crib – Again, I would suggest getting a crib even if you plan on co-sleeping.  Mainly the kind of crib that turns into a toddler bedSo even if you don’t use the crib, you will be set for a toddler bed down the road.

Crib Mattress – Now unfortunately most cribs do not come with the mattress. So make sure that is on your list as well.  A good baby mattress is around $100.  Firm is not exactly super comfortable, but it is said to be the safest for babies. Keep that in mind when you go shopping.

Crib Bumpers – I found this one out the hard way.  Once my baby went into her crib she kept getting her legs stuck in between the crib rails.  I prefer the thinner ones since thick ones are more dangerous (suffocation warnings).

Fitted Crib Sheets – You will want at least 2 fitted sheets because babies tend to spit up a lot.  While one is in the wash you don’t have to wait to make the bed again. 

Bottles – Bottles bottles bottles! My favorite brand is the Philips Avent Anti-colic Baby Bottles. You will need them especially if you are formula feeding, but even if you plan on breastfeeding you will want them if you are pumping and storing milk.

Bottle Nipples – So in addition to the bottles, you will want to get nipples for 3M and 6M+ on hand for when your baby gets to those ages.  When you buy the bottles, they tend to come with the newborn nipples, but not the rest. 

Bottle Cleaners – Cleaning bottles with bottle cleaners is WAY easier than using a regular sponge. You will need to get a few of them because they will wear out after a couple months, but totally worth having.  Best kind I ever got was the OXO Tot Bottle Brush.

Formula – I breastfed the first few months, but I had a can of formula just in case breastfeeding didn’t work out.

Carseat – You are probably thinking, “well duhh!”, but it’s certainly something that should be a high priority.  Most hospitals won’t even let you leave with your baby until they see him/her in the car seat. 

Stroller – If you have a baby during the nicer months of the year, going for walks during maternity leave is a nice way to bond with your new baby and get some exercise in! However, you should get a stroller regardless of birth season because you will most likely need one for the next few years to come. I personally got the BOB Revolution Jogging Stroller and I am in love with it, even after owning it for the last 3 years.

Changing Pad – You can live without this one but it is nice to have a sole changing spot. The Summer Infant Contoured Changing Pad fits perfectly on the top of the dresser i mentioned above.

Changing Pad Covers – With the changing pad you will also need changing pad coversGet at least 2 so when one gets poop on it (which it will) you can have a spare on hand.

Dresser – Babies DO NOT need a dresser, but this was a way for me to organize all her clothes. The dresser I got was the Storkcraft Avalon dresser because it had a changing table on the top. Plus, it matched the convertible crib perfectly!

Baby Hats – Babies tend to be cold because well, little body fat and they are not used to the cooler air outside of the womb.  People lose body heat out of the feet and head the most, so hats are essential for babies.  Plus they are adorable!

Clothes! – This is probably the first thing on your mind because newborn baby clothes are so darn cute! Unfortunately, babies grow out of these really fast, so don’t go too crazy on the newborn size. Focus more on getting the 0-3M sizes; they will last longer. Consider getting some 3M clothing as well if you feel like preparing a little further out.

Baby Detergent – All this clothing talk brings me to my next baby essential. Baby Detergent! Newborn baby skin is very sensitive, so sometimes washing their clothes with regular detergent could irritate their skin.

Baby Monitor – Definitely a must have, especially when you move the baby into a crib at night.  I got the HD Display Video Baby Monitor. Worth every dime.

Diaper Bag – Diaper bags will become your new purse! (half joking).  But seriously, get a nice diaper bag that you can hold everything you need. 

Diapers and Wipes – Again, “well duhh!”, but this is far too much of an essential to not put on this list. Newborn and Size 1 diapers you should keep in bulk stock along with a bulk stock of wipes. I can almost guarantee you will go through it all pretty fast.

Diaper Rash Cream – Some babies are more prone to diaper rashes than others.  My first got them often whereas my second has yet to have even one.  Keep some Desitin on hand right from the start just in case a rash pops up out of nowhere.  Nothing worse than seeing your baby in pain. 

Diaper Trash Bin – Because diapers STINK. Seriously, get some kind of trash with a lid or those trash bins designed for diapersYour nose will thank you.

Disposable Diaper Trash Bags – Similar to the trash bin, if you are traveling you should keep disposable diaper trash bags on hand.  They smell good and a great dirty diaper holder until you are able to throw it away.  Babies poop A LOT, so be prepared for that when you have to change a poopy diaper on the side of the road.

Swaddles – Both of my girls HATED being swaddled, so my swaddle purchase was null and void, but I would still recommend getting a couple.  You can always re-sell or donate them, which is what I did. 

Burp Cloths – If you want to save your clothes from spit up after feedings, get some burp cloths. They are not super expensive but they are super necessary. 

Blankets – I got a good handful of blankets that I used when snuggling with my little bub, but just make sure to keep them out of the bassinet and/or crib until they are older.

Baby Towels and Washcloths– You don’t really need this because you can just use the towels and washcloths you already own, but I liked the cute little hooded towels designed for babies.  The baby washcloths are softer on the skin as well. 

Baby Hair Brush – Many babies come out bald, but even the baldest of bald babies grow hair eventually. If your baby is like mine, it will come out with a full head of hair. Having a baby hair brush on hand is essential for both scenarios.  They are soft and perfect for that baby thin hair.

Baby Shampoo/Body Wash – I don’t have much to say on this one other than you gotta keep them babies clean! I usually get Johnson and Johnson 2-in-one.

Baby Lotion – Baby skin is very sensitive and can dry out easy.  Make sure to get a good lotion for them to put on after a bath or whenever they need it.

Baby bathtub – We all know babies can’t sit up on their own, so I suggest getting a baby bathtub to wash them in. I used it for the first 9-10 months before my girls were ready for the regular tub (with supervision of course).

Baby Ear Cleaners – Babies get ear wax just like we do.  Baby ear cleaners are thicker on the ends for ear safety. It prevents the ear cleaners from going too far into the baby’s ears.

Baby Nail ClippersBaby nail clippers are a must because those little nails grow fast!  It’s much easier to cut baby nails with smaller clippers. 

Baby Toothbrush and Paste – Babies generally do not have teeth for the first few months, but they can still get bad breath.  You can use water and a cloth if you desire to clean your baby’s gums, but I used a rubber finger toothbrush and paste twice a day. No stinky breath for my babies!

Baby Orajel Another option for a teething baby.  You never know when it will start so being prepared is a must for this. 

Teething Rings – Teething is a rough time for babies.  It hurts and can be very uncomfortable.  I suggest having some teething rings on hand before your baby arrives because you never really know when they will start teething. Every baby is different, so be prepared!

Pacifiers – My first baby loved pacifiers.  She always had one up until she was just over a year old.  My second hated them.  So I won buying them the first time around but wasted money the second time around.  Either way, have a couple on hand in case you have a binky lover on your hands.

Nose Sucker – Nose suckers are a lifesaver when your baby is sick.  They will probably hate it, but it’s very helpful in clearing their airways.  I will say that I never paid a dime for a nose sucker.  The hospital supplied them for me after both births and I took them home when I left. If you don’t get that luxury, the best ones on the market are the Medline Sterile Bulb.

Toy Storage Bin – This is not a dire need before the baby comes, but I liked the idea of having one on hand for when she started to collect toys. 

Baby Swing – Again, first baby loved her swing but the second hated it. I got one for $100, but there are cheaper ones out there, like the Graco Simple Sway Baby Swing.

Pack and Play – A Baby Trend Trend-E Pack and Play and it is totally worth it if your child doesn’t mind being contained. 

Monthly Belly Stickers – Again, not a dire need, but if you are corny like me I took monthly pictures of my babies during their first year with belly stickers. Quick links: For a Girl and for a Boy.

Walker Don’t need this right away, but get it in preparation for when your baby starts becoming mobile.

Activity Mat – These are good to set the baby down on. They generally entertain babies with the toys overhead. In addition, the mat was nice to keep the floor clean from baby spit up. 

Exersaucer– Not a need right away, but I suggest getting one before or shortly after your baby is born.  My kids loved it and it was also a good way to contain them so you can do something else with both hands for once.  **Life Hack: If your baby can’t touch the ground yet, but pillows under them to sit on.   

Mama Time!

After you give birth, there are some must haves that you will need for yourself as well.  Please note that some of these things below are just for breastfeeding mothers.

Breast Pump – I got my Medela Breast Pump for FREE through my insurance.  Many insurance companies supply these, so check with your insurance to find out what you are able to get.

Milk Storage Bags (if pumping) – If you plan on pumping, have some milk storage bags on hand so you can pump and store milk for later.  This is also super helpful for storing if you are pumping at work. 

Nursing Pads (for leaking) – Never thought you would have to wear pads in your bra huh?  This is more for breastfeeding mothers, but even if you are not breastfeeding you may leak some for a bit.

Bottle Cooler – Great for traveling and keeping bottles cool. It keeps the bottles nice and cold until we can put them back into a fridge. 

Lactation Aids (tea and cookies) – Getting your milk supply up is a main priority if you are breastfeeding.  I personally used Mother’s Milk Tea. I highly recommend tea or lactation cookies to boost your supply. 

Nipple Cream – Breastfeeding mothers only.  Breastfeeding can be painful and cause nipple sores.  Nipple cream can help relieve that pain. 

Nipple Shields – There came a point when my nipple sores got so bad I ended up using a nipple shield for breastfeeding.  I planned to use it until the sores were healed but my baby got so used to the plastic that I just continued to use the shield the rest of my breastfeeding journey.  Some say it can reduce supply, but I never had that issue.

Nursing bras – Get yourself a good nursing braRegular bras will be way too uncomfortable, especially if you are engorged. Trust me, your boobs will thank you. 

Pads – You are going to bleed for a while after you give birth.  The hospital will give you some free pads, but make sure you have some in stock at home for when the freebies run out.  If you are brave enough for tampons go for it, but I stayed away from those until I was fully healed down there.

Whelp, there you have it. It’s no secret that babies are expensive. To help with cost I suggest throw a baby shower. I received SO many diapers at my baby shower that I didn’t have to buy any for 3 months. In the long run just do what you are able to do for you and your baby. No one is going to dock you if your crib is brand new or not. Happy baby prepping!