19 Perfect Baby Shower Gift Ideas

I am going to go out on a limb here and say that you are reading those post because you were invited to a baby shower and have no idea what to give as a present. Or maybe you do know, but just want to find better ideas than the clique (blankets, binkies, cute outfits, etc.). Don’t disregard those though; they come in handy for new moms and dads. However, if you want to stand out and/or give a gift that is super awesome, here are some great ideas.

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17 Diaper Bag Essentials

It’s no secret that when you become a mom you pretty much take the entire house with you when you leave to go anywhere. It seems like a lot of things to take with you, but you will become a pro at it in no time, I promise.

First and foremost, you are going to need a diaper bag. It is the most essential thing you can get when you have a baby and/or a toddler. I happen to have 2 diaper bags that I lug with me, one for my baby and the other for my toddler, because….well….they both need different stuff. I purchased the RUVALINO Large Diaper Tote and it is by far the best and most stylish diaper bag I could find. If you open my handy dandy diaper bags you will find:

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10 Ways Relationships Change When You Become Parents

Relationships tend to suffer once children come along and my husband and I are not immune from that statement. Our relationship changed drastically after we became parents and I was nowhere near prepared for it. Why did the man I was so deeply in love with turn into someone I was always angry at? My entire pregnancy I was preparing for the arrival of our daughter that I neglected to prepare for the changes my husband and I would go through. I was naive to think things would be exactly the same. There were times where I was wondering if we were even going to make it. But in the end we did and we came out stronger than ever. It just took some work and a mutual desire to grow together during this new chapter of our lives.

So onto the meat and potatoes, here are some ways relationships change after you become parents. Hopefully it can somewhat prepare you for what is to come.

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The Last Time

There was a time when my oldest daughter would not go to bed unless I rocked her in my arms. I would stand in the middle of her room and cradle her, rocking ever so slightly until she fell asleep on me. My arms would ache and my back would hurt every single time, but I would force myself to ignore those pains. I would just focus on my daughter and the mission to get her to sleep. As the minutes ticked by I’d watch her eyes get heavy and eventually she would drift off to sleep. I distinctly remember the last time she wanted me to do this for her. As I rocked her, she looked at me and pointed to her crib. She wanted me to lay her down instead this time. I put her in her crib as she wished and stood on the other side of her room waiting to see if maybe she would change her mind and want me to hold her again. She shuffled a bit, curled up and fell asleep all on her own. A tear ran down my face as I realized she didn’t need me to rock her anymore. Where did my baby go? Even though I rocked her every night for a year, I would have given anything to do it just one last time. I was very emotionally unprepared for it. I felt robbed.

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